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Destin’s HarborWalk Village Sidewalk Sale Coming…. Jan 26

Morning to all on a good looking and sunny Wednesday morning from the always nice Destin Harbor.

As I look at and down slightly this morning, the water’s clear as a bell, the outside temp pretty reasonable for this time of the year, and the earlier advertised rain and showers never materialized around our parts yesterday and based on the current cloud conditions, we look pretty safe for the next several hours, maybe all day today.

Don’t know what you’ve got planned for the weekend, but if you’re in the area, or headed our way over the weekend, the folks down at HarborWalk Village have a little something planned to help you pass some time, have a little fun, and maybe even “catch a deal” over the weekend.

This Saturday and Sunday, the shops and merchants and store owners down at HarborWalk Village on the Destin Harbor will be having one of their weekend “Sidewalk Sales” from 10:00¬†AM until 6:00 PM all along the walkway areas, as one would stroll along the waterfront shops and boutiques that fill the HarborWalk space along the Harbor. If you’ve never taken the time during one of your visits to our area to spend some time at HarborWalk, it’s definitely something you should make plans to do on your next trip down our way.

I’m not sure, and have never thought to count the various shops, boutiques, restaurants etc. along the HarborWalk area, but I can assure you there’s quite a few when you consider both the ground and upper levels at your call. There’s also, because of the diversity of product and interests, a good selection that’s pretty darn sure to include something that will perk your interest. And, with a weekend special you know there will also be some “special prices” thrown in just to make it a little more inviting.

Also, while we’re talking HarborWalk and the happening part of town for the weekend, don’t forget the regular Sunday afternoon “Snowbird Sunday Concert” that goes on every Sunday afternoon this time of year for our visiting and valued “Destin snowbirds”. This Sunday, January 30, the Sunday afternoon concert will feature one of the area’s local favorites, “Coconut Radio”..The concert runs every Sunday afternoon at HarborWalk from 2:00 PM until 4:00PM, it’s always free, and generally you can bring your own seats, although most days there’s adequate seating available already.

The free concert is a pretty good way to burn a couple of hours in the Sun, grab a burger or a dog or a fish sandwich and just kick back and enjoy the area, the water and the folks. Pretty neat really and something you should definitely try!

Well, looks like my day for “administrative duty” and time to catch up on the mail, the junk mail, and all the files and organizing I’ve been sliding to the side since we hit the 2011 marker a few weeks ago. Guess that’s what I’ll be doing the rest of the day, until everything’s off the desk and where it belongs in case, months from now, I should need to refer to it for some unknown reason.

Hope your week’s going well and at least, it’s already “hump day” and just a few hours from being on the downhill slide towards the weekend.

Have a great one everybody….Let me hear from you when you can and thanks again for passing us along. Catch ya later!


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